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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  June 20, 2018 6:02am-6:31am CEST

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french president emmanuel mccraw he arrived at the castle outside of berlin today a knight in shining armor answering a friend's call for help a crisis over migration threatens to take down german chancellor angela merkel and her government tonight to the rescue can he save miracle without sacrificing part of his political self i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. the topic which currently concerns this pool is the topic of migration. so some into this summit is taking place and i think we should openly say this during a moment of truth for your city the. government gonzague i think we can say that we
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are opening a new chapter for the european union as well as for franco german cooperation with the expenses since i'm hoping i think that men think that we believe in a european response to migration challenges a little bit infested if you gotta see it it's really a budget decision on what kind of society we want to have on this issue. also coming up tonight signing off to the space force us president donald trump wants to take america first into the great beyond. it is not enough to merely have in american presence in space we must have american dominance in space. oh we begin the day with. migration and the money today at the castle outside of berlin the french president and the german chancellor came together while their talking points and schedule agenda fell
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apart president macron had hoped to announce ambitious plans for the eurozone a key component of his vision of rebuilding europe now there will be a single eurozone budget starting by the year two thousand and twenty one but a dream of a european banking union well it remains just that a dream the realities of power politics and the challenges of migration ended up hijacking today's summit mccraw a committed partner in friends america will have to walk that talk today he promised to help the german chancellor craft a european plan on dealing with migration and next week see you summit. in the center of a mission impossible that will quickly become a life saving mission for america. people who agent may need one another french president a man with cruel needs and in a makeover his ideas on europe and the german chancellor needs france for
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a europe wide migration policy shows maizie back outside of. the pleasant atmosphere for difficult subjects after the tool grown cooled for affront to human co-operation and a united europe. would succeed it's really a decision for society and perhaps even for civilization. do on the one hand there are those who say we can get rid of the or that bill is no longer addresses challenges i mean really pointless if you are. on the other hand are those who say as we do that this europe can make progress if we become more sovereign and unified is that the op want to hold on just a moment to that a for pursuit when it is unique. when it comes to european asylum policy where machall urgently needs results there is backing from the french president front supports the aim of sending refugees hope already registered in the e.u. back to the country where that initially been registered. both want to further
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strengthen your upset external borders and a strong franco german access and asylum policy at the e.u. summit at the end of june. we want to prevent europe from further division and instead we want to promote common solutions. this is also optimism on both sides when it comes to e.u. reform the issue that mccrone has made his own the euro currency is to be made more stable france and germany have agreed to invest millions in the euro zone however the euro zone budget will be a bit smaller than what mccrone wants as poem ackles wishes. she could have met it just cannot it's totally pragmatic what budget do we have today in the eurozone none what will we have to moral a euro zone budget and do it as a normal. being both pragmatic and ambitious the details for reform can be
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decided later nako i'm across say that a new chapter of franco german relations has begun. all right for more on the new chapter i'm joined by political correspondent so i mean young he has been at that meeting just outside of berlin good evening to you so ivan so we know that the german chancellor angela merkel she needs results on migration quickly and she could use a political wife wine from mr mccraw what did she get today. well she certainly got a certain amount of support no obstacles placed in no way by president micron he signed up as far as the migration issue is concerned to that object of a european solution of finding common asylum rules that suit all the members of the european union and they've agreed to go
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a little bit further some of the detail talking about for instance setting up asylum census processing centers for migrants outside the e.u. for instance in north africa and other african states where people claims could be looked at that's the kind of thing that even the populists in italy if for instance will will like because it could mean that people don't arrive in europe in the first place also both leaders talking about providing more help for those countries particularly affected by migration of course the southern european nations it's the in greece in particular have been very affected by this issue and even on the question of bilateral agreements a little bit grudgingly perhaps but france's president said you know he won't be letting migrants through to germany that's exactly what the troublesome bavarian conservative leader also wants out of medical of course he's got her under pressure because he said if he doesn't see advances on the migration issue in the next two
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weeks he's going to take unilateral action and start taking a tough line on his own so a little bit of what she needs to keep going in the difficult situation she's in in berlin is what the chancellor got from the french president today we know that she needs the support from the french president but that's not enough she needs more support from other edu countries when it comes to finding some solution on migration dishy have anything that she can offer these other countries to get them to come on board. well they've talked about that as well they've talked about providing incentives as i say support for the particularly affected countries i think. the last few days is a travelled a little bit on this issue in respect of this idea of boy lateral agreements so where she would prefer to have a european wide range but that everyone signs up to because as the team leaders
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said in that declaration today you know individual solutions result in more migration nonetheless merkel is now saying is well you know if it's a question of doing bilateral deals with particular countries to say you keep your migrants there and maybe we'll support this project or we'll help you to deal with that problem that is the poff that machall seems to be inclined to take because again she's under such time pressure to show some kind of concrete results and a change of policy on this very troublesome issue so we know that merkel wanted to talk about migration today and that's what happened we know that mr mccraw and he wanted to talk about the euro zone budget and reforming the euro zone did they have any results to talk about i mean we know that a euro zone budget will go into effect by two thousand and twenty one but i mean is there are we talking about real reform here simon or is this just window dressing
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to keep the french president happy for a while. well they for. this declaration they have today which is a piece of paper that contains all sorts of technical details about for instance the european banking union about the european stability mechanism developing that into european monetary fund and so on so there's a lot of detail there but they also suggested that these were just ideas of course you've got to get the leaders around the e.u. to have signed up to these ideas as well. our political correspondent simon young. just outside of berlin tonight simon thank you. well the french president we often hear places a high premium on values such as loyalty you can see how he is standing by the german chancellor as she negotiates that migration deal with mr micro apparently is also a stickler for good manners a teenage boy learned that lesson yesterday in
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a very public way at an event to remember the french resistance against the nazis that teenager greeted president by saying how's it going manu a man who is a nickname for a minute well the president's first name here is how you see your neck wrong respond. and you act like a clown but today it's the must lay in the partisan song was singing address me as mr president of the republican plain mista there you go you need to do things the right way even if you want to lead a revolution you got to in diploma and learn to put food in the time. and then give you a listen. frank words of advice went viral on social media and the reaction was mixed some thought that mccrone should get off his high horse and show was since of humor others thought it was right for the french president to admonish the teenager's lack of respect for whatever your opinion may be i think we can all
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agree that in some situations a bold manu is definitely a no big no. well the challenges of migration cannot be reduced to power politics when we talk about migrants we're talking about people with lives that have been turned upside down and this is not a local or a regional problem in another country this is a global crisis today the un refugee agency reported a record number of people are on the move around the world war and conflict have led to the largest increase in refugees and displaced people since the year when began keeping refugees statistics back in one thousand nine hundred fifty one now the report says that since two thousand and sixteen the number of refugees has increased you can see right here by three million to a total of sixty eight and a half million people now you know we give you
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a relation here that is more than the entire population of france roughly two thirds of these refugees are from just five countries syria afghanistan south sudan somalia and me and more are now all of these countries are home to conflicts which if solved would have a dramatic positive impact on the global refugee crisis but as we know there are new signs of peace breaking out in those countries any time soon so what would best help now those people who are fleeing the wars in crises we asked charlie yaxley in geneva switzerland earlier today he's with the un agency for refugees. well this is a diet that we've reached for the just for the fifty in a row and you raechel it has been set with the highest number of people displaced in any time since world war two and behind these figures we have to remember
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individual men women and children who through no fault of their own have been forced to leave everything they know behind last year people were forced to flee their homes a. every two seconds that's equates to around forty four thousand four hundred people per day and the vast majority of those more than eighty five percent of being hosted in developing countries so what's needed now is for the international community to come together for that to be great to solidarity with the global south of great a share of responsibility to be taken and that was charlie actually there with the u.n. h c r in geneva which will. migration policy is also dividing the united states president came to power promising action against illegal immigrants well now he is facing growing outrage as he defends his border protection policy
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a policy which separates migrant children from their parents and already a record has emerged that appears to capture the cries of small spanish speaking children being processed by u.s. immigration officials. right and there will all the. children detained in cages calling for their parents this is the trumpet ministrations zero tolerance policy in action critics have likened the practice to torture. opponents of the law interrupted a u.s. congressional hearing to demand an end to separating immigrant children from parents this is a policy and i'm just saying this this was a policy invented implemented and executed by president
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donald trump and i'm talking directly to my republican colleagues we need you to stand up to president quote some we need you to join us in telling him that we reject this mean policy. president donald trump has blamed the separation of families on democrats saying they're at fault for refusing to pass new immigration laws yet the zero tolerance policy driving the separations was introduced under his own republican administration i have put in place a zero tolerance policy for illegal it's free on our southwest border if you cross the border of all the way here we will prosecute that so if you are doing a trial then we will prosecute you and that child may be separated from you
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the car wall. as the sides trade blame in the debate over family separations the children in these detention centers are forced to cope with the new reality it could be months before they're reunited with their parents. or u.s. president obama trump wants to make america great again and albert space on monday he signed an executive order which he says will clear the way for the pentagon to begin preparing for u.s. dominance in the final frontier of that includes exploration of the moon and mars and trump well he gave it in a very importantly i'm here by directing the department of defense and pentagon to immediately begin the process necessary to establish a space force as the sixth branch of the armed forces that's
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a big statement we are going to have the air force and we are going to have the space force septic but equal. all right for more on this space for some joined tonight by jack burns he's director of the network for exploration in space science in boulder colorado he has also served on the trumpet ministrations nasa transition team mr burgess good to have you on the day i have to ask you did you advise the u.s. president to push for a space force. no we did not was our our task was limited to really nasty. the civilian end of the space program and really designing a future plan for nasa. has included a return. and we know a lot of your research has to do with you know traveling to the moon and using the
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moon as a springboard maybe to get to go to mars and beyond your man of science what do you make of the president wanting to militarize outer space and doing it in such an overt way. well i think we need to be a little careful there and the interpretation being one of the things i think has been recognized last few years is that we do need to look at upgrading our defense posture in space that doesn't need militarizing space because the u.s. along with china and russia are part of the outer space treaty that was signed in one thousand sixty seven term that says no offensive weapons in space no nuclear weapons no missiles no military bases on the move so i think what the president is really trying to get you here is that there are some threats to some
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of the satellite assets in space that are important for our surveillance and those need to be protected so would you say then that because when he says dominance in outer space american dominance obviously people think that he's talking about china being having a military presence there but you're saying we're talking about just basically protecting the satellites that are in orbit around the earth is that right. well it is because their whole thing you know several years ago of the trying east for example launched a missile and destroyed one of their own satellites to illustrate fact if they had capability for kinetic you weapons they could under certain circumstances be turned to other countries we hope the u.s. is possible other countries are are horrible and so upgrading that technology
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looking f.-c. smaller satellites looking at the mercy of ways of protecting the satellites is really what's required what is required and i don't really think the president was seriously proposing that we have a large number of troops stationed in space this is not star wars this is not luke skywalker fighting against the dark forces so i think we're talking about something that just makes more sense in terms of upgrading technology to today's today's world tech burns joining us tonight from boulder colorado mr burroughs we appreciate your insights tonight very valuable thank you. you're welcome good night . or day six of the world cup is in the can and here to bring us the latest and up to date is chris harrison from our sports desk chris how you do and are it with start with russia they beat egypt
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today what was it three one of the late game is it was the host nations to do well brint in this particular competition you know let's not forget they scored it in incredible five goals and one thing interesting about this match up there i'm beaten it's african competition egypt quizzed really haven't beaten your competition in the world cup and now this take a look at this actually see how it played out started off for the for egypt don't go all pretty much just demoralize them and obviously thrilled everyone in hand and i'm just guessing here more russians in the stands in egypt since i'm sure about it but a penalty did there was a concession i mean most solid was the player he had questions about his shoulder he injured it in the champions league but he was he got the green light ahead of this match and then you know it was more insult to injury did this sherry chef sherry chef yeah you might not have heard of him but right now he's leading the world cup in scoring here i've heard of the guy he just beat christian over knowledge i've heard that right yeah but you know russia is full steam ahead they look all but certain almost guaranteed in my opinion to reach the knockout stage
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like it's typical for those nations to do so and what about the days to other matches they were both in group a try group dates we saw colombia in japan in one match poland in senegal in the other and the two favorites colombia in poland got the short end of the stick in both occasions and we have a report let's take a look. senator poland saw two stars troikas as captain silver live on dusk inside your money as a letter at least one provider for you to use a gay who nets the first gold shortly before of time but it turned out to be a known goal for opponents tronic was deflection hits a ball into the net and it got second can off that terrible back pass by the polish defense and after that it was all too easy for him by a neon at zero mark. poland could only manage a late consolation go school jeggo bush. and dusty left no mark on this
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match wide sunday go its two one success is the first win for football match africa at this world cup. colombia meanwhile shot some sort of in the foot against japan after just three minutes carlos suntrust got sent off for handball and change account of a convert to the ensuing penalty. columbia that looked back and forth and i'm talking to the level it's called before the break. box was a close save the day for japan when he knocked in a corner off to seventy three minutes to one the final score here as well. are back to the big table so he pressed senegal beating poland was that expected you know not really i think poland was a favorite i mean the you know there are fueled by robert levin and then when you consider factoring the european championship you know they were quarter finalists there was only two years ago there were bigger expectations around poland but
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senegal you know they got in this particular top titian thanks to a playoff they had to replay a match because of match fixing they got in the last time there really was two thousand and two that's when they beat the defending champions france and made it to the quarterfinals and on the pitch i mean basically pulled in look confused they were often frustrated and too slow making foolish decisions on defense poll. is known for having one of the worst defenses in all of europe and it really showed today because the one goal the go it goal for senegal i mean there was no one between the striker and the goalpost except air yes no that didn't stop him so. we saw japan beat colombia their first ever victory let me get this right over a south american team at the world cup right yeah but they had a huge advantage i mean five minutes had gone by and there was a man down on the colombian side you know japan thanks to their bundesliga connection she could you know soccer they both you know contributed and is is you
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know their fuel he was subdued late because he wasn't quite one hundred percent i mean teamwork be colombia and it's kind of easy i think when you have an extra guy you made is this is hard to get your office going but they did equalise at one point so when you look at the whole tournaments so far lots of unexpected things here there are a lot of unexpected things right. chris as always thank you very much ok. all right the day is nearly done the conversation continues online we'll see you tomorrow but. sunday live from the blade the cuts to. play the mob.
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